Battle in the Name of Life


High up in the Accursed Mountains in North Albania, herds climb steep meadows fully exposed to the dry wind. Shepherds from the Hamzi's meadows share the same pastures and the same destiny. Goat paths have embroidered the mountains with numerous roads, linking their hard fates together. Here, just like in many other places around these mountains, forests have been intentionally burned so the trees would be cut down and sold for timber. A large portion of the mountains has been consumed by erosion, causing the herds to be left without water during grazing. So, the four shepherds had to build themselves a few basic watering holes all the way up to the highest fields. That’s the only way goats keep giving milk. The battle to save their livelihood is actually a battle to save nature. A battle in the name of life.

Nik Ndoj (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Bardhok Marku (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Nik Ndoj (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Pavlin Marku (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Ndue and Prenda Doda (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Ndue and Prenda Doda (Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019)

Hamzi's meadows, Albania, 2019