(Not a) Fishermen Village

In June 2020, I decided to embark on a short expedition along the Danube River and the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in search of fishermen villages; those villages that used to be inhabited by fishermen who weaved their nets and got high on life all the way until it was time for the next catch. Most of the fishermen villages have now disappeared or have been transformed into villa rental areas. The fish and even the wind have abandoned these places a long time ago.

“There are three types of people in the sea,” said one of the last real fishermen that I managed to find. “First, there are the anglers who bring their grandchildren along to show them that fish comes from the sea. Then, there are those who drive around in motorboats and use up more fuel than their catch is worth. The third type of people is the real fishermen who know how to speak with the fish. Next time when you come this way, you will have to bring a magnifier to find real fishermen.” the man said.

To avoid leaving with no catch of my own, I put one of my “magnifiers” in the camera and took the following shots, which, I hope, will preserve the silence in which real fishermen used to talk with the fish…