Fine Art Photography - Break the Rules and Start Creating

Over 1000 students just in the first 24 hours!

Have you ever asked yourself how and when a photographic image becomes an art? Do you feel a desire for your pictures to be unlike the million images produced every day and have that creative edge?

There are many courses that teach you how to shoot.

With this course, you will learn how to create art.

  • Learn how and why art can move and inspire!
  • Find out why you are more important than your kit of camera appliances!
  • Find new means of expressing your thoughts!
  • Leave the stereotypes and start bringing your ideas across!

To be a photographer you need just a camera. But to be an artist, you need something more. Find out what!

Art moves our utmost feelings. Art is timeless. Like the very essence of life, art is a beauty but it may hide behind thick curtains. The very aim of this course is to be unlike courses you may have already followed. It will open your eyes to a beauty of higher order.

I will show you 62 masterpieces from 45 world masters of photography.

Learn how they did their most valued photographs trough memorable examples and exercises.

My deep understanding and sincere desire for this course are to present to all photographers and beginners in the art of photography the most important thing to deal with – CRITERIA, those special hallmarks necessary! I will introduce to you dozens of masterpieces of the world photography from the past and modern day and show you their secrets.

I will show you things you can’t find in books and manuals. I will lead you on the paths to art and aesthetic. I will do my best to be clear in what I say and I will show you every single aspect of my ideas with visual and memorable examples.

Аrt is not reserved only to famous photographers and I am here to help you!

See what students are saying:

  • This course is like a private tour of an art gallery with an expert guide. / Rachel Beaney
  • Astonishingly breathtaking! Any photographer, a beginner to master, will find this course to be an insightful gem. / David Bowman
  • I have known the basics of photography, but through this course, I gained a deeper appreciation for the artistic expression that photographs can provide. / Andrew Luttrell
  • There is a lot of value on the course so it could be seen several times. / Atanas Manolov