V. P. was born in Bulgaria in 1986. He studied painting at the National School of Arts in Varna. In 2005 he moved to Paris where he graduated Plastic Arts from the Sorbonne. This period is related to his vivid interest in the genre of the classical French humanist photography from the middle of the last century. Exhibitions of works from this time were presented in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Sofia and more. He is an author of more than 30 exhibitions around Europe. The art of Valery Poshtarov is part of major collections of different official institutions in the world: Presidency of the Republic of France, French embassy in Ireland, Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Paris, Evgenii Evtushenko Museum in Moscow and others.

Valery is also a fine art expert and gallerist, founder of the first online art gallery in East Europe.




Far from trivial, he fully and unashamedly takes on time itself, time which passes and destroys everything under its deadly and transient veil. On the contrary he wants to show the permanence of things, and more than the simple biographical portrait, people. This is Childhood beyond the child, Wisdom beyond philosophy, poverty beyond the beggar.

Pascale Courbot, French Artist and Gallerist

The event of the past 50 years! I have never seen reportage-style photography which comes so close to art photography, with individual little touches, an individual style;

Elena Filiptcheva, Bulgarian Photographer and Visual Artist

Humanism is not totally dead… His photos are the living proof.

Marc-Eliel, French Film Director

Valery Poshtarov is a lover of life, and he is quite right to be, as it goes quite right for him.

Laurent Terzieff, French Actor

Poshtarov has a very sensitive eye that penetrates through the heart of his subjects.

Emmanuel Santos, Australian Photographer

In order to look at it, to see it, to understand it, let us not open our eyes of reason, but simply take in the pleasure with the eyes of our soul.

Anne de Colbert Christophorov, French Artist


Personal exhibitions:

2007 - "What does not change", Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2007 - "What does not change", SofiaPress gallery; Sofia, BULGARIA
2008 - "What does not change", Lehalle gallery; Paris, FRANCE
2008 - "Paris, my love",German-Bulgarian Cultural Institute; Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
2008 - "Portraits from the Latin quarter", Philomuses Center; Paris, FRANCE
2008 - Flamingo Grand Hotel; Albena, BULGARIA
2008 - "Just Paris", Imperial Hotel; Holiday Club Riviera, BULGARIA
2008 - Balaban House; Plovdiv, BULGARIA
2009 - Painted ceramic and paintings, Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2009 - Bulgarian Cultural Institute; Berlin, GERMANY
2010 - Hadji Nikoli Inn; Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA
2010 - Paintings, Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2010 - 50 photographies, Art center SCOMAM; Laval, FRANCE
2011 - European Month of Photography, National Gallery for Foreign Art; Sofia, BULGARIA

Collective exhibitions:

2005 - Photo of the year CANON 2004; Sofia, BULGARIA
2005 - Les Rencontres d'Arles 2005; Arles, FRANCE
2005 - Тhe 3th international biennale "PHODAR" 2005; Pleven, BULGARIA
2005 - "To Chagall with love"; Sofia, BULGARIA
2005 - The 7th international exhibition Djurdjevac 2005; Djurdjevac, CROATIA
2005 - "Child"; Zaječar , SERBIA
2005 - The 3th national Salon of Photography VARNA; Varna, BULGARIA
2007 - "Chachipe"; Budapest, HUNGARY
2007 - Museum gallery "Nicola Manev"; Chirpan, BULGARIA
2007 - Annual exhibition, Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2008 - "France, presented by 27 european photographers"; "House of Europe" Dublin, IRLAND
2008 - L'Alliance Française ; Dublin, IRLAND
2008 - Annual exhibition, Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2009 - Lehalle gallery; Paris, FRANCE
2009 - "Expressive impressions" (paintings), Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2009 - Christmas exhibition, Lehalle gallery; Paris, FRANCE
2009 - Annual exhibition, Cavalet gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2010 - Artrender gallery; Varna, BULGARIA
2010 - Cavalet gallery; Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA
2010 - "France, presented by 27 european photographers"; L'Alliance Française; Limassol, CYPRUS
2012 - "13 artists at the seaside", Imperial Hotel; Holiday Club Riviera, BULGARIA