Who I am?

Born in Bulgaria in 1986. The son of an artist and a poet, Valery Poshtarov grew up ever surrounded by artists. He mastered fine art techniques at the National High School of Arts in Varna. Then he moved to Paris where he graduated Plastic Arts from the Sorbonne. The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris nominated him for the Cartier-Bresson Award. After 35 consecutive exhibitions in various parts of Europe (spanning from 2007 to 2012), in the end, Valery went back to Bulgaria, choosing to shut himself out of the exhibition world. His personal work transformed to more deliberate and carefully composed photographs grouped in various long-term projects. In 2011 he founded the first online art gallery in Eastern Europe.

The art of Valery Poshtarov is part of major collections of different official institutions around the world: Presidency of the Republic of France, the French embassy in Ireland, Bulgarian Cultural Centre in Paris, Evgenii Evtushenko Museum in Moscow, and others.

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* the portrait above: Valery Poshtarov by Svilen Nachev, 2020

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