Father and son

Ongoing project

This project began unexpectedly. I aimed to start a series of portraits featuring fathers and their grown-up sons holding hands. While posing, fathers and sons held hands for the first time in years, sometimes decades. This act of intimacy often became the end goal of the project, the photos being just a mere testament to the long-unspoken love between the men.
But this project began unexpectedly. The first portrait was supposed to be of my 95-year-old grandfather and my father. However, the first portrait was not captured according to plan. In early spring, I stopped before a house that had captured my interest. While I was searching for the right composition and adjusting the camera, the door of the house opened to let out a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair. The man said something to the woman and she quickly ran back into the house. Soon she reappeared and approached me, holding tightly a portrait of a young man. “This was our only son,” she said. “He passed away 8 months ago. My husband would like to take a picture with him.”
And this is how everything began.