In Search Of Freedom ⁣

Ongoing project

You will meet the truly free people along the road that leads to nowhere. They all know that only the soul can fly and, like birds reluctant to alight on the ground, they often flock together to take repose in nature’s embrace.⁣

Most of these gatherings are called ‘festivals’. Some of them are free to attend and openly denounce any form of transaction. Others are long-awaited events paid for through working for the good of the community or through offering a modest amount of money to cover the free people’s debts to the material world. Sometimes we come across individuals who are still unable to fly and who are searching for a way to buy their freedom.⁣

Every free person redeems their freedom in one way or another. What they all have in common is that they sacrifice their own selves. Some fall victim to the pursuit of happiness, while others manage to find happiness by forgetting the self.⁣

The free people play with fire and don’t cry when they get burned. They carefully place all unnecessary things in its fiery tongues. The free people are not afraid of and don’t run away from their shadow. They know that only the shadow can lead them to the light.

In the search of freedom, many people try to find their true selves, but the ones who succeed are those who have the courage to get lost.⁣