The Monk and his Faith


Black and white are the two faces of every man, coexisting in eternal opposition as darkness and light. Wearing black, the monk should never forget that he lives in darkness, in which he is the bearer of light. The black color reminds him that he should fight the shadow until his final breath. In this series of portraits of monks from different monasteries in Bulgaria, black and white are the contrast, which everyone, no matter their faith, carries within. Whoever takes an oath to become a monk, conceals his past in a black cloak and begins a search for the light. His rosary becomes his compass, leading him to the endless circle that no mortal has ever escaped.

Mother Rahila

Mother Rahila (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Father Hrisant

Father Hrisant (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Father Konstantin

Father Konstantin (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Archimandrite Nikanor

Archimandrite Nikanor (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Mother Petkana

Mother Petkana (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Father Adrian

Father Adrian (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Father Todor

Father Todor (Gigintsi monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Hieromonk Yeronim

Hieromonk Yeronim (Godech Monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Archimandrite Antim

Archimandrite Antim (Seven Altars Monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

​Father Neofit

Father Neofit (Seven Altars Monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)

Archimandrite Yoanikiy

Archimandrite Yoanikiy (Cherepish Monastery, Bulgaria, 2020)